How does PaperPay™ work?

PaperPay™ provides the user with a unique barcode that can be redeemed at all participating PayPoint or Payzone terminal newsagents in exchange for a copy of their chosen newspaper.

PaperPay™ is downloadable for free and once signed up it enables you to subscribe to the newspapers currently available through the service. Details on the different subscriptions and cost savings available to you can be found here. The subscription generates a unique voucher that is displayed within your app.

This voucher gives you the convenience of picking up your newspaper from your nearest participating newsagent. The app also has a built-in map to help you using GPS, will locate the nearest participating newsagent within a one mile radius in the UK. When you pick up your paper, simply ask the newsagent to scan your pre-paid voucher (within your app) and that’s it! Your subscription means the newsagent will receive their payment receipt from their PayPoint/Payzone terminal.

Download the app from your relevant phone app store
Sign up and subscribe using the app
Visit a newsagent that is PayPoint and Payzone enabled
Pick up a copy of your chosen newspaper
Pay using the barcode voucher from your PaperPay app

How does it benefit you?

Convenience: Your PaperPay™ app simplifies your daily newspaper reading experience. No more fumbling for cash, carrying around paper vouchers or being limited to the one newsagent to pickup your newspaper. With PaperPay™ your voucher is always available to you within your phone and the voucher will be accepted by over 47,000 Payzone/PayPoint enabled newsagents throughout the UK.

Saves you money: PaperPay™ works directly with the newspapers to bring you cost savings of up to £60 a year on your daily purchase of the paper. This means if you buy the same paper from the same newsagent then it will be cheaper for you to buy it using your PaperPay™ subscription.

PaperPay™ - innovating traditional habits.